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Let me first appologize, this will be a bit long.

Please, provide any assistance or guidance of you can.
about mid june '07, i had been experiencing a bit more stress with work and home life than usual.

I had also been slowly developing a loss of appetite and neusea when eating. I began losing weight. I had also been experiencing swelling salival glands and slight vertigo and some heartburn.

I had attributed to bad food, so I stopped nightime sleep aid and caffiene.
June 28th 2007, I visited my general physician and had explained to him my symptoms. I had my bp checked and it was 125/79. Normal as usual. I have never had blood pressure problems. I would soon find out that this would be the last normal reading i would recieve.

The doc said I had swelling behind the ears and "cobblestone" appearance to the throat. He attributed to allergies and prescribed allegra and rhonocort.
June 29th was a typical day, went to work then had to pick up niece approx 40 miles away. My wife was driving and we had stopped to get some food at Taco bell. I had eaten my food an thought it was odd that I didnt feel neuseated. We he just ate and headed home.

On the way home, I recall feeling a slight pinch in the left side of my neck, then my heart rate shot up. I was feeling very irritable. I couldnt calm down. I began having palpitations. We got home and I had my wife run me up to the store so I could use their bloood pressure monitor. I was really anxious and couldnt calm down. the blood pressure read 175/105.

I said we need to go to the er. We went and I couldnt calm down. They finally got me in and my bp had reached 215/120. they took urine, blood and ekg test then just monitored me not doing anything to assist with blood pressure.

i was in er bed for 5 hours and they said that all tests were fine. The doc said that i had GERD and it just triggered my problems. he prescribed protonix and sent me on my way.

Since this day, my blood pressure never came back down. I had to go to the ER two days later with same issues and they just said that I need to see a cardiologist.

I visited a cardiologist and my blood pressure remained about the 140/90 range. He didnt want to give me blood pressure meds as he was thinking that i have seconary hypertension and he wanted me to come back for some more tests.

I went back for general physician and he prescribed ativan thinking i just had anxiety. It did help somewhat, but my blood pressure never came back down.
throughout this ordeal, i had ached in my gut and difficult to eat.

I ended up in the ER about a week after the last ER visi with hogh blood pressure and palpitations. I went to a different hospital. They did blood test, urine test, and chest and back xrays which apperently were normal. i had pretty bad stomache aches and they decided that i needed off the protonix and take pepcid.
The ER doc recommend i get an endoscopy.
I made an appt and had the procedure done and they diagnosed me with duodenitis and gastritis. i was prescribed prevacid and sucralfate.

meanwhile, i went back to the cardiologist as i have been irritable, lethargic and uneasy feeling. my blood preeure was 170/100. he gave me diovan and said take that. he also requested a 24hr urinalysis. Items out of range are:

Creatinine 3.41 g/24h -normal: 0.63-2.50
Metanephrine 289 mcg/24h - normal: 25-222
normetanephrine 443 mcg/24h - normal: 40-412
metanephrines total 732 mcg/24h - normal: 96-604

these results let the cardiologist to believe that i may have adrenal tumors. i had CT scan performed that appeared to be negative for adrenal masses.
i raised concern about my kidneys or blockages to the cardiologist and he said thats not the problem and "you're too young".

Throughout this whole ordeal, I have lost 40 lbs, i dont feel well at all, i have been taking the most prescription drugs in my life. I cant walk for long periods of time, i spend most of my time in my bed and i have missed so many days from work and i cant keep up with m wife and kids. I am so depressed and nobody knows whats wrong with me or why the sudden onset of hypertension.. At this point, i am so desperate and i wish someone could help me or figure out whats wrong with all these supposed "advances in medical technology".

My cardiologist gave me Lotrel too replace the Diovan 160mg. I have been afraid to take the Lotrel from all of the side-affects i have read about.

I have a colonoscopy scheduled for the upcoming week.
I am concerned about the Phospho soda that is required to prep for the colonoscopy. Being that I'm questioning my kidney function, theres has been rare cases of causing permanent renal failure. I talked to my gastro doc, and he seemed to not have any concern.

The other day, i experienced a similar strange pinch in my neck that raised my heart rate and took me to the er the fist time. It seemed that my gland on the left side swelled up for a couple hours after that.I am wondering if i need to see a nephrologist or endocrinologist.

Please, anyone with any advice, please help. Thanks
Thanks for the follow up. I have opted to not even consider paxil.

Here's something that is interesting. Just a week or so prior to my onset of hypertension/anxiety, etc... I had a bit of vertigo and swelling in my parotid (saliva glands) and stuffiness/swelling in my head, ringing/clogged ears, etc.
I have post nasal drip, but my nostrils are bone dry and have been for quite some time.

I still have these symptoms today which i have discussed with my doctor on more than one occasion. He says it is likely that I have allergies or an infection somewhere. I have only had allergies to cats, and that is only after constant contact for a long period of time.

Also, i have been getting swollen lymph nodes and really bad jaw tension. I though these may have stemmed from the anxiety or hypertension.

I noticed that when there is a slight clearing in the sinuses the jaw tension seemed to subside a bit.

I have had some occasional dry mouth and really horrible rushes of bad tastes in my mouth. I figured these would be from the prevacid i take at night.

Well, the other day, i noticed a cavity that had been bleeding, and i realized the bad taste had been emitting from this cavity.

I called and made an appt with my dentist for Monday and i explained all of my symptoms. I was told that a tooth infection could be the cause of all my sinus ailments, jaw tension, swollen lymph nodes, etc.. and could possibly produce bacteria that can affect the heart by way of endocarditits.

Now I am worried that maybe the cavity has been infected this entire time and contributed to all of my problems, including swollen thyroid.

I called my doc and explained that I would like to have an echocardiogram performed since this is a test that I have yet to undergo. He hasn't called me back yet.

I spoke with my endocrinologist and he seemed to think that I may have performed my initial 24hr urinalysis incorrectly leading to show that I have elevated metanephrines/catecholamines. That is one reason that he wanted me to complete a second 24hr test.
I hate to think it, but he may be correct.
The results I should get back on Thursday, so we shall see.

It scares me to think that a cavity could kill you or disease you so severely.

Is it possible for an infection to cause hypertension? Maybe the infection caused thyroiditis and that is the cause of hypertension and anxiety?

I guess i may have a better idea on Thursday when i get all my test results.

Since the on bringing of all my issues, i have vowed to NEVER neglect my health. I just hope that I can get back to 100% again.