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I have allergies and and sinus problems. I had done allergy shots for almost 3 years when I was younger but they had no affect. I am going to redo the allergy shots sometime soon.

I am now taking Xantac and Prevacid for about a month to see if my GERD symptoms improve. My ENT diagnosed me with possible LPR but he wasn't sure. All he said was that I probably had an overactive gag reflex.

The main problem I am trying to fix is once in a while I would get some type of irritation in my upper throat behind my tongue that makes me have to urge to vomit or gag. Basically I think it is my gag reflex reacting to something but I am not sure.

Think of how it would feel as you attempt to put your finger down your throat. As you go nearer into your throat you'll start to feel like gagging. Or another example would be if you look at something really really gross that makes you want to throw up. Thats the same EXACT feeling except this is constant every day sometimes every few minutes.

It is a lot worse when I am exercising or running. After a while of running I start to get that feeling in my throat and that causes me to stop and is holding me back from doing what ever I am doing to my fullest capablilties. It is there all the time and it feels like I am going to throw up and I have to stop myself from doing it what ever I am doing at the moment. I have had this since I was young and I do not know why. My main concern is my physical fitness. I am unable to exercise and run and do track because of this.

Doing some research I read about something called a Laryngeal Spasm or w/e where the Larnyx is damaged and during the spasms it sorta reacts to if the body was drowning and mentioned about the gagging feeling. Besides that I couldn't find much else that related to my symptom. It is caused by LPR but I am not too sure if this could be it. Anyone knows about this can you please telll me about it and if it connects to my symptom?

I had originally thought the acid going into my throat may cause this but I don't think thats even possible. When I get this feeling my stomach tends to be a little restless. As I've said I have taking some medications for GERD and have not found relief of this particular symptom.

The main culprit I believe is causing this is Post nasal drip. Doing a lot of reading about this, LPR causes excessive PND and when the mucous goes into the stomach it makes LPR a lot worse. It is sort of like a cycle. Since I have constant non stop post nasal drip every day maybe that has done something to my stomach? When I get that gaggy nauseous feeling, I can feel the post nasal drip going down and every few minutes I unconciounsly swallow the mucous. A few times I've noticed as soon as I did that I get the feeling but I am still not too sure on this. Basically it feels like the mucous hitting the back of my tongue causing the gag reflex but then again it feels like its the top of the throat right behind the tongue (dunno what its called) that seems to be shallowing off or something, its hard to describe. I have never really come across anyone who mentioned the same symptom as I do. Most of the time they talk about mucous "Stuck" in the throat that makes them gag as they try to cough it up but I don't really have that.

Like I said it's at its worse when I run or exercise. I cannot even run a mile without having to stop and walk and "control the feeling". (by the way i am not obese).

I have to go back to my ENT soon and I am trying to gather as much info as I can so I can perfectly explain this and try to get him to understand and seek a solution, seeing how he shrugged it off as an "over active gag reflex"
What could this possibly be? PND, LPR, spasm in the throat?

Please, is there anyone who knows about this kind of thing that can help me out here. I am at my wits and I do not knwo what to do now.