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Morning folks.

I have been tracking my blood pressure as usual. I still havent taken any Diovan since 9-6-07.

I have also stopped my Prevacid and Xanax about a week ago. So, at this point, I take no meds other than a multi-vitamin, 500mg vitamin C, Zinc, and slow-mag magnesium.

My blood pressure has been:
9/15/07 - 112/68 - After paying some bills
9/15/07 - 116/65 - A few minutes later
9/16/06 - 118/70 - First morning blood pressure check.

I still feel bad at times, have had another test performed by endocrinologist
to reconfirm my elevated cortisol level.

My first test showed my level at 115 while normal range is 04-50.
My second test showed my level to be 56 while normal is still 04-50.
I also had my blood cortisol and ACTH levels checked which all came back quite normal.

I am now requested to take a 3rd 24hr urinalysis to confirm the elevated cortisol.

I have found that after I eat anything salty, I get a bounding pulse all over my body and especially in my neck. The pulse isnt really rapid, just very strong and uncomfortable. I have read and found that cortisol can cause salt retention. Also, my blood pressure seems to elevate a bit while experiencing this bounding pulse.

I just wish this cortisol would go back to normal and I would be normal.
Im hoping that this 3rd test is the last one then I can get some sort of treatment for the elevated cortisol.