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[QUOTE=feelbad;3282375]it sounds like a good idea given your symptoms.this would show how things are going within the liver itself and also proably check out the rest of the organs within the GI tract.i have had this test done many times for my liver and kidney disease.if i remeber my lab sheet,the high end range of(and this does vary from lab to lab)ALT is 40?so you are a bit high there.your doc just wants to rule out or rule in possible reasons for it.this can become elevated for other reasons too.if this is the only out of range type lab you have,it isn't always an indicator of actual liver function issues.some meds do cause elevations.try looking up the meds you are currently on and see what the Rxing literature states about them.it would state within that Rx lit just what labs could be affected.but given the other symptoms,i do think you definitely need that US.hopefully it is just the meds.please keep me posted on what you find out,K? FB

Thank you so much for your reply. That is the only level that is high but they did take 10 more vials of blood for more testing. I know that the prevacid can elevate the liver enzymes and they have been as high as 60 before and then back to the 40's. My previous doctors(GE or internist) were not phased by those levels but this new doctor is concerned. I am thinking it is from weight gain and eating very poorly for about a year. From all of the reading I have done, I think it is a fatty liver which hopefully can be dealt with by eating healthy, losing some weight and not drinking. I was told not to drink with the Prevacid except for on occasion but due to stress have been drinking a few times a week. I think that may have also contributed to the increase from the 40's last year to 72 this year. My lab lists 55 as the top for normal. I will keep you posted and good luck to you. J