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Hi everyone.

For those of you who have heard my sad tale of woe before, I apologize for the repetition. For those who have not, this will be something "new and exciting" for you so pop some popcorn and grab a coke!.

I'm a 44 year old male who is an alcoholic and drank for a year, then quit for a year and a half, then relapsed and drank for over a year and finally quit 33 days ago. During this time, I also chain-smoked like a chimney. I have many animals and so I am also exposed to feathers, dust, hair, feces, urine, etc on a daily basis. I also do a lot of sitting at my computer all day but I do a lot of other things that keep me physically active too including long walks and pushups each morning. I like pizza, cute fuzzy things and sometimes I can even manage to tie my own shoe-laces in the morning after a stiff cup of coffee or two. Ok, enough history for now. Here are my ongoing and (some recent) symptoms...

* Shortness of breath (frequently - sometimes just while talking or with mild exertion)
* Dizziness (occassionally)
* Thoughts feel very disorganized/scatterbrained at times
* Very deep (mild to moderate) soreness in arms, legs and abdomen (occassionally)
* Coughing up LOTS of mucous right after eating (rarely)
* Tiny speck of blood from fluid in lungs or sinuses (one time)
* Constant burning/aching in stomach/abdomen
* Heart palpitations and skipped beats
* LOADS of anxiety, panicky feelings lately

(Most of these symptoms I've experienced off and on for years)

My diagnoses over the years...

* GERD (Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux Disease)
* Gastritis (discovered during recent endoscopy)
* Benign (and common) kidney cysts
* Small, left inguinal hernia
* Hemmeroids
* Small hiatal hernia
* Diverticulitus-like "manifestations" without associated diverticulitus
* Chronic bronchitis
* Allergic rhinitis
* Chronic sinusitis
* Deviated septum
* GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
* Tourette's syndrome (with cursing, shouting, violent motor tics, etc)
* Clinical depression
* Agoraphobia
* OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) - w/ Scruptulosity (fear of "sexual sinning")
* Hypochondria
* Panic Disorder
* Moderately high blood pressure

(Yeah, I'm really "healthy")

Medications I am currently on...

* Prevacid
* Ativan
* Atenolol
* Wellbutrin

Medical tests I've had over the last decade or so...

* About 10 shoe-boxes full (I would'nt even know where to begin!)

So what's my "point"?. Just sharing, hoping for some input. Maybe I'm just lonely and hungry for a conversation with others who share my symptoms.

And yes, I have (and continue to) "go to the doctor". In fact, I saw my doctor just the other day and have another appointment this monday (I should just pitch a tent next to his office, really). So what does he say?. He runs tons of tests, feeds me yummy drugs by the bucket-full and is a highly-trained, board-certified doctor with mega-credentials and good bedside manner. Of course, 99.9 and 9/10'ths of the tests he orders (or I request) always come back "negative", thus making it appear that I'm the perfect picture of health so why do I feel like crap 99.9 and 9/10'ths of the time?.

Inquisitive minds want to know.

Thanks, Steven45