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Please don't think I am crazy but I have a huge list of symptoms and have been to lots of dr's and still have no answers, so I was just wondering if maybe anyone out there may have had the same things and have gotten a diagnosis or maybe have an idea what is going on with me. Thanks for reading!
Since about the beginning of 2005 I have had this achiness in the center of my chest behind my breast bone, went to GP who did upper GI, ultrasound of my gallbladder, blood work galore, and found nothing. This continued and I went to the cardiologist who did stress test and heart ultrasound and said all is good. Still had problems and I have been going to Gastro doc who has had me on Prilosec and Prevacid neither which completely fixed it. I am scheduled for an endoscopy on the 26th.
In the process I started a new job in Nov. of 05 and they did blood work which showed my WBC and HGT levels were high. So I went to an oncologist who did a bone marrow test and said it was fine, that there was a possibility that in the future I could develop a blood disorder but at this time he wasn't concerned.
Now I still have the pressure sometimes behind my breast bone but I also have sharp pains sometimes right under either my left or right breast or both. I have pain in my arms from about my shoulder to my elbow on the outside. I have nausea,anxiety, sinus problems alot, dizzyness probably from sinus's sensitivity to light sometimes constant gas, I have achey muscles, wow seems like I could go on for days. I know it sounds like I am falling apart and feels that way too somedays. I do not know where to go next. I just want to feel good again. A little more info, I just turned 37 I have smoked for many years, I am a caffiene addict, yes I know all that is bad. And I had my first child 3 years ago in March. If anyone has had these symptoms or anything like it I would really appreciate hearing from you.....Sorry this was so long and Thanks again for reading.