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[FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="Magenta"]Okay so i went to the doctor yesterday. She told me that the Pepto wasn't nothing to worry about because before when I found out I was allergic to aspirin that it didn't mess with my stomach. So it would be likely that it would harm it now! She pressed around on my stomach on my right side towards my pelvis, which was very tender. Then at my navel, which was Extremely tender. So she said it could be my appendix. She set me up an appointment to go today for a CT Scan. And said that it could possibly be a hernia. And if it was that when they did the Scan that it would show up. If it was neither of them then it could possibly be an ulcer. So she went ahead and gave me Prevacid to take once a day till next week when I go back to see her. She said that if the Scan comes back negative on appendix and hernia...and the Prevacid soothes my stomach and stops bothering me then it's surely an ulcer. Either way I am going back next week for further work up after this CT Scan. Just wanted to update everyone. And thanks so much for the help with this issue! Hope you all are well and have a wonderful day![/FONT]