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Hi, I was reading the post about little ones with cp struggling with sleep and I thought I would share even though the post is closed. My daughter Alexis who is 3 and a half has spastic cp, muscle spasms, and acid reflux. She is just now starting to sleep through the night on a regular basis. I think part of this is becauses she takes prevacid but it seems like it took about a year before we really started seeing noticable progress with her reflux. We also give her a little maalox before bed to help with the reflux. Also, alexis will never sleep on her back because of the reflux so we have her sleep on her tummy. A friend of mine told me about a drug called clonazepam and we give that to lexi before bed to get her calm and ready to sleep. And lastly I'm a firm believer in the heating pad or electric blanket. We have a heating pad that I turn on low that automatically turns off after 20 minutes. I tried it on myself first and it was comfortable and now I use it for lexi on especially cold nights or if she seems uncomfortable with her tone. She has a hard time maintaining her body temperature and is always cold.