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Hi friends,
I'm now in my 3rd week of Suboxone WD. Still slight symptoms: Sleep pattern, touchy skin, aches, and junkie nose. But every day I get a little better. I theorize that because of the time I've been a junkie (17 years), the fact that I was on Mophine Sulfate for the last 7 years, the delivery system (direct catherter to my brain and spinal fluid), and my age (57) are all contributing to a slow WD. It's been a steep learning curve this year but I'm off the junk, no cronic pain, no depression, and with my body off the Morphine my GP let me drop my Lipitor, Metformin, Depa-testosterone, and this week my take me of Prinivil. I'll be down to vitamins and 2 pills a day (Celebrex and Wellbutron-which I'm using to get a jump start just in case I go into depression). The 7 years of Morphine use was destroying my bodys' ability to make enzymes and hormones. I've had a wonderfull bounce back in my whole body especially testosterone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel good today as I got 6 hrs of sleep last night in two parts and the weather is beautiful as always in Montana at this time of year.
Hugs and Good Luck,