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FDA and NIH facts:
Well as you know beta blockers are drugs used to control blood pressure and heart disease. Sometimes they are given to people who have anxiety or headaches or migraines. I was given this for migraines. I have mild asthma. This group of drugs has many members including propranolol (brand name: Inderal), atenolol (brand name: Tenormin) and metoprolol (brand names: Lopressor, Toprol). All of the drugs in this group can make asthma worse. They do not necessarily make it worse. There are current cardiology studies saying in mild asthmatics one should try inderal or pindolol. If this is done, you have to be monitored closely and should stop if your asthma gets worse. If you detect worsening symptoms they of course advise you to tell your doctor immediately.

Now there are other ways to help blood pressure and HR. ACE inhibitors are another type of medicine. ACEs can treat blood pressure, heart disease and, sometimes, diabetes. What are some ACEs: captopril (brand name: Capoten), enalapril (brand name: Vasotec) and lisinopril (brand names: Prinivil, Zestril) are a few examples. From all the studies reviewed ACEs appear to be safe for people with asthma. Now as with all meds ;) there are side effects, some people develope a chronic cough when taking ACE inhibitors.

Okay.. that is a summary of what I dug up using the NIH studies and archives. DINNER TIME!