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I am an obstetrics nurse, and what we see a lot of in use in moms that are hypertensive (either chronic or pregnancy-induced) is what you mentioned...labetalol (or carvedilol in asthmatic hypertensive moms, since that one is cardioselective) and Aldomet are the most used. We also use nifedipine (Procardia), which is also good for pre-term labor hypertensive moms because it relaxes smooth muscle but doesn't have increasing effects on BP like terbutaline does.

In cases where nothing else is working, we start them on magnesium sulfate and hopefully the baby is big enough and mature enough to come early....if not, mom starts getting betamethasone to mature the baby's lungs, since delivery is the only surefire way to lower blood pressure back down.

In extreme cases where mag isn't even working (after delivery), we will use clonidine or apresoline.