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Does anyone out there know what determines if it will be a beta blocker, ace inhibitor, channel blocker, diuretic, etc. or is it just a guessing game of trial and error? I have been on all kinds of meds and I would give anything to just feel normal again. Do the doctors just push certain ones? It is just so frustrating.

:wave: Hi, i wish i could help, but i am in the same boat as you. I have tried toprol xl, lisinopril, (zestril, prinivil), verapamil, hctz, and procardia. oh yes, and avapro. The ace inhibitors worked great for lowing bp, but i could not tolerate the side effects. I am on verapamil & hctz, but it isn't lowering my bp. I go to the dr today and it should be interesting to see what he put me on next. I'm thinking zip2play was correct in my changing doctors again. I think i need to see a cardio. I will definitely watch this thread to see what others are using with great success. Good luck and plz post if you stumble on a great bp med.