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i hate the hctz bcuz it did indeed increase my glucose levels and caused me to have high cholesterol. When i was originally prescribed hctz five or six yrs ago, my glucose a1c was 5.something and eventually rose to 10.9. Of course i didn't know hctz did that until this yr when i was waiting for my dr appt and was reading a diabetes magazine. When i asked my gp, he confirmed i. My ?? then was why am i taking it then and im diabetic. His answer was it worked great for my bp.

A few months ago i stopped taking hctz and my glucose a1c dropped to 7.5 and my cholesterol dropped from 298 to 243. Now they want me to take lasix. I am afraid the same thing will happen.

I've tried lisinopril, procardia, toprol xl, verapamil, hctz, (may take lasix) and avapro. Some in combinations. Avapro did nothing for my bp and caused me skin rashes. Lisinopril was the best but im allergic. TOPROL XL WAS THE WORST! Im still on verapamil but little effect.