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My doctor just switched me to Procardia XL 4 days ago. How long does it usually take before this medicine becomes effective? I started checking my bp a couple of days ago and it isn't as low as I would like, and it is making me stressed. Is there a certain amount of time I should wait before I check it? The stress is making it even higher so it is like a vicious cycle.

I was on that to I had toxemia after I had my daughter and labetalol did not work and the procardia did I was on 60mg once a day and it started working for me right away. I had some side effects though , headaches and dry mouth. Have you told your Dr.? When I was sick with toxemia my bp was running like 197/112 and with the procardia is was 160's over low 70's and 80's. My normal is about 90/50. So it was still higher than normal but at least not to the point of nearly having a stroke like before when my right side went numb. High bp is terrifying and I wish you the best.