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Can anyone give me any input on these two Meds, I'm currently taking 40mg Lisinopril with 30mg Procardia xl-25mg Atenolol and 25mg HCTZ and blood pressure still not under control, My doctor sent me to a Cardioligist and he wants to replace the Lisinopril with 40mg Benicar, Anyone who has took these two meds tell me which one might control blood pressure better or have less side affects. i already fill terrible taking these meds I'm affraid to change anything.

Rob-29 years old not overwieght-HBP for about ten years now

I also think that the lisinopril is the stronger, more effective drug...IF IT DOESN'T CAUSE COUGHING.
The ONLY reason to prefer the Benicar is if you cough from an ACE.

There's been some disturbing possible news about the incidence of heart attacks among ARB users so that's another vote in favor of the lisinopril.

And last but not least, Benicar is a LOT more expensive than generic lisinopril.

Incidentally, the Procardia is available as generic nifedipine which is generic and a fraction of the cost...funny how some doctors like the expensive version??? You'd almost think there was something in it for THEM ;) .
Can anyone else who has experience with these drugs - give me some advice on which might control blood BP more effective, because my doctor wants to put me on 40mg of each, but If I could i would really like to only take one or the other. Right now I'm on the lisinopril with atenolol and 25 htcz and 30mg Procardia and its not controling my BP, and how long will it take benicar to be affective, my doctor thinks it will take only 24 hours. anyways thank you.