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I know that for my son,the tests that are the "standard" are for only his kidney functions and the liver functions and then the one for his prograf/tacrolimus/FK-506?i am assuming that you are on the prograf a well?none of these tests include the amylase and lipase,this is normally an add on test to your others.Ironically, just last week i ran into an article regarding how certain meds can cause pancreatitis?and listed in the middle catagory was FK-506/prograf.i had never ever heard of this possible connection before.I really do think that you might want to get those enzymes checked.There is only maybe a slim chance that the pancreas is causing your problem but it IS a chance and should at the very least, be ruled out.Good luck and keep me posted,marcia
Hi Marcia-

You are right I am on Prograf. I also take Cellcept, another anti-rejection drug. I was on both of them right after transplant, but shortly after that my Dr. took me off the Cellcept. 6 months to 1 year ago, I'd say, he put me back on both. In fact, when ths nausea and abdomnial pain first started, I thought maybe it was the Cellcept because it seemed to come on soon after taking it.I had to rule that ot too, though, because it wasn't consistent.

One problem is that, in an effort to cover all possible side effects on medicines, they list every single possible thing so that, if you are taking multipal meds, there's no way a patient could keep track of everything. I have not heard what you did about Prograf, but I'm sure it's possible.How did you end up with your son getting those specific tests though? I would assume that the Dr. has to order it. Did you specifically ask your Dr. to run it? I wonder why, if this is available data to the Drs., why don't they include it in with the others?
I will check it out, because, even though I have no problem somedays, other days (like today) I have the pain. It's been hurting in different degrees since last night.