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Hey,no problem ad thanks.I even had to dig back to see when I posted about this last, it was around Christmas/New years.

Anyway, I'm taking many different meds: Prograf & Cellcept (anti-rejection drugs, liver transplant 2001), Neurontin, Oxycontin 50mgs twice a day, with Oxycodone for BT.

Originally, I thought maybe the pain was from scar tissue but I saw one doc(other than my regular) who said he could only do injections if I was having the pain the day I was in his office.I thought this was strange, not to mention annoying because it's a 50-mile drive to the office.

As I said I had this pain a few months back, but recently it's been manageable.This last bout though I was just miserable.Yesterday I just felt terrible and then, just like that, today was much better. I don't really understand it because I can't connect it with food or anything else.I've tried lots of OTC stuff: Tums,Zantac,etc.Some work ok but nothing really helps, except usually after I've ad a few doses of the Phenergan it lets up.

I see my regular doc on Thurs. so I'm going to try and see if there is something that might work better. I'll post an update if something good happens. I used to get this type of pain back when Ifirst got colitis, 20-some years ago. But back then I was taking Darvacet and that always worked. I also got an ulcer once when I was in college and that can be intense pain and my doc put me on Tagamet-it wasn't OTC back then-and it cleared right up.I don't think it is that this time.

Take care-