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My son is a kidney transplant patient May 2004. He has been covered by Medicare Part A & B since 3-1-2004. He gets SS Disability due to catastrophic illness so was automatically enrolled in AARP Part D by SS.

Long story short, prior to June 1, his co-pays have been $3.He went to pick up the scripts for Cellcept & Prograf (anti-rejection meds) and his copay is now $238 !!!

He gets $617 from SS monthly, lives at home and helps where he can with bills, food, etc. but I believe that 1/3 of his monthly income for LIFE SAVING MEDICATION is ridiculous. I am supporting a home for him and myself with a modest income. There has to be help out there.

He is 25 years old and feels as though he may as well stop taking the life saving drugs, since he is never going to be able to pay for them for the long haul. How pathetic is this country's medical system, that they can't take care of their own but will send billions to other countries !!

We are spending billions of dollars on USELESS war and aid to foreign countries that could well be used here. Louisiana being a perfect example of our own being ignored or at best, coming in last !

I am ranting now, but I am so IRATE that my son feels there is no way out but to stop meds and let that kidney fail. I have talked to Medicare, Medicaid, sent emails to my local state reps, even to the Governor of my LIVE FREE OR DIE state. NOT EVEN A REPLY !:blob_fire