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my husband has been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and the docs say it is a genetic disease which can be ascerbated by a virus or some other cause --the docs don't know why, exactly, people get it. It is separate and distinct from Hep a and b. --not caused by alcohol, drugs or sex. He was on prednisone but it did not stop the liver inflamation so they added cellcept and prograf (drugs that are given to people who have liver transplants) and his enzymes have been stable for 2 years. He had no symptoms that he noticed but the disease was found when he had a physical with a liver enzyme test. He has a blood test every month. There is no cure but is a chronic disease which can be put in remission. It's effect only a small percentage of eastern european races so there's not a lot of money available for research. there's an AIH support group from UK who posts on the web with lots of info and questions from sufferers. hope this info helps.