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I started a new thread since my hubby will begin treatment in a few weeks.
Sorry about your hair---my hubby already lost some due to the antirejection meds and I think he's going to look pretty funny, bald. Oh well, better bald and alive than the alternative.

I'm hoping my hubby can have a good attitude--I ma really afraid he's going to do what he did post transplant which is hole up insie himself and do this caveman vs the workd kind of thing. It was bad news--he just shut me out completely, then when he was better he acted like proud peacock that he'd done this amazing thing--alone.

Did you need antidepressants? Of course, you're were only doing 24 weeks, right? we're going 12, checking to see if it's working, then if so, 36 more. He's already moody & irritable. He snaps at me and I go into the garage & cry. Real healthy, I know, but he won't medicate for depression. Says he's on
"Too many drugs now" --here's the kicker--he takes 1mg of ProGraf twice a day. That's all. Men are weird, seriously!

Congrats on making it!! In almost a year we'll be there too!