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No, my hubby has had his transplant, and actually is very healthy except for the return of the HCV. He didn't ever look sick or show any outward symptoms. A lot of people do retain water and Lasik will help his body rid itself of the excess fluid. My hubby was on it, post transplant. Fot the itching, maybe Benadryl? Ask the docs, I think that's ok. I am so sorry you have to wait out the 5 months because your husband was a drinker. Was that a factor in his liver failing? Mine is a total non drinker, so it was never an issue. As far as the transplant goes, my husband got such an excellent match his body essentially thinks that this donor liver is his. He is on 1 drug, the lowest possible level of it twice a day. 1 mg of ProGraf twice a day. You ask your docs how common that is. They'll tell you--not very. He's never shown any rejection, nothing. If not for the HCV he'd be the picture of health--so it can happen. Just keep on hanging in there!! You never told me where you live or where he'll have his transplant.
Keep thinking good thoughts--I am sorry he's so sick. One thing, he'll look & feel so much better right after he gets his transplant!! That'll be something! Right around Christmas, right??

take care--call his doc and ask for something for the itching, I know a lot of liver patients complain of that--and I know they can give you something for it.