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Wow - what a wealth of information. I am doing some of what you suggest but not maybe well enough. On fruit, I have been eating things like blueberries, strawberries, and apples. No melons, etc. I can see the reasoning for stopping all sugar. The beast loves sugar! I do take a product called Konzyl for Psylliam. If I don't take it every day, I have problems with diarrhea. I didn't know about the over the counter things. Will look into that. Your response was so good, I put it on my refrigerator.
As for me, I am a retired RN and when I was working, I noticed my blood pressure was sneaking up. One night I felt terrible, tingly, flushed, etc. I took my BP and it was 227/169. I went to the hospital and fortunately had a cardiologist who responded. He suspected the kidneys and they did an angiogram with dye. I had renal stenosis - my kidneys were not getting enough blood, and to try and force more blood through the stenosed area, they were throwing out renin in the blood, (salt) which raised my pressure and forced blood through the tight area. I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. immediately and received a bypass to try and get good blood to my kidney. All this failed and my creatinine kept creeping up. I tried for 3 years to save the kidney with diet (low protein) lots of hydration for the kidneys, etc. The bypass failed (I developed scar tissue which kept blocking it) and finally lost the kidneys, one at a time. I was on dialysis for 3 mos. While my 4 kids fought with me about donating. I finally agreed and my oldest son donated a kidney to me. That was in 2000. Three years later, my kidney got in trouble. After many tests, biopsies, etc. they concluded the Prograf (anti rejection medication) was toxic to my kidney and had done damage to it. I lost a lot of renal function. My creatinine and albumin was all up. They took me off Prograf and put me on another drug and I have been better, but the damage is done. Things I have learned – the kidneys can go bad very fast – I drink a good amount of water – no sodas . The Prograf created fibrosis of my kidneys and thus the damage. I was in a situation two years ago where my renal function was 20 (supposed to be around 60) and we were looking at dialysis again. I started really paying attention to the amount of protein in my diet, and started taking cranberry extract. I know it is supposed to help the bladder, but I was willing to try anything and a holistic doc told me to try it. On my next visit to Mayo my renal function had gone up to 38 and it has maintained that ever since. My protein, however, is around 1100 – extremely high, but I live with it. I continue to take the cranberry capsules – they can do no harm – and I feel good except for this yeast thing. Do you have diabetes? Anything that would cause the protein in your urine? I check my creatinine every month, and do a 24 hour urine once or twice a year. The creatinine is really a good quick blood test.
Just keep a good eye on things.
Thank you so much for your wonderful response and advice.