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actually i am kind of suprised they have you onthe cyclo for an actual liver tx. thats usually more for kidney tx. my sons main anti R med is prograf? this is what he has been on,along with the same pred,5mgs,as you since day one. maybe they could try switching to this instead? its worth asking about. it was a newer tx anti rejection med that i do think came out after your Tx was actually done. unbelieveably,even tho my son is very much immunosuppressed,when it comes to getting sick,he is not the one who usually gets the crap,its me or my hubby or our other son. he has maintained perfect numbers all thru out his post Tx using the prograf. just something that may actually work for you and be a better choice? just a suggestion. like i mentioned above,the cyclo is usually more of a kidney Tx med vs liver. i would simply discuss possible changes to your anti rejection meds with your doc. it could be a much better choice with less side effects and still give you the immunosuppression you need. good luck to you,if you have any other questions,just hollar,K? Marcia