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Fabby--Thank you . It's alway's nice to hear from folk's like you. My wife did stop at the pain management office and brought me some Hydrocodones and Promethazine that help's with the pain.

I know I shouldn't of remembered anything that upsets me. Fabby I just want to warn people to make sure they know what their getting into and what to expect. I searched for information but didn't hear any horror story like what happened to me , I haven't even recieved a call to see how I'm doing yet from the hospital or my surgeon. It's very sad ! I love my surgeon and would trust him with my life , now he made me rethink thing's . He never done anything bad to me before . It hurt's my feeling's what he done to me.
But you know , I'm done crying about it , it's time to heal and get better.
My battery site is very itchy , good sign eh ? But where they did the Lami it is very sore , and expected to be that way. My toes worry me right now cause they still tingle even when I do nothing. Maybe because of the swelling.

There are so many people suffering from back injuries it's unbelievable. I tell all my healthy friends how many injured back's are out there but they don't want to here that stuff. It's really sad , and if I can help other's I will try to do my best. Like the trial stim , it worked great and didn't hurt much at all and I told it that way...This implant was worse than my Laminectomy/fusion. I understand not everyone had a time like I did and I want to keep it that way. I'm writing a letter to my surgeon and will hand deliver it to him telling him how I feel and what I think should have gone down during my implant so no one else goes through what I did. I honestly don't think my surgeon realizes how thing's should have gone. He didn't do to many of these implants , but I trusted him because he is so good at what he does. Besides I will never be able to find a surgeon around here since I had a fusion already. I tried.

Thank's for posting and sorry it was so long.