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OMG !! Is it a full moon or what ? I have been really depressed to today. On my way to the pharmacy to get my promethazine (Dr. did give these to me) my foot has been stinging like crazy and the old back pain had me thinking alot since my injury , I broke down and started tearing up so I called my buddy who is going through a divorce and talked to him about me being sick of all this.

Mom I know how you feel , pepper is right depression does set in on us spiney's all the time . I'm sure thing's will turn around for you. You should contact a lawyer he will get you some treatment and here they only charge if I settle or he has to go to court for me and it's only 15 or 20% of what he gets you. Please take the burden off and get a lawyer , I promise you'll want to hug me when you do.:p <--no toungeing either..lol

Try to calm down and relax you'll be ok sooner or later.