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Just called my Medtronic Rep . Told him he needs to reprogram this stimulator . Its working good but doesn't cover my pain.:( He said he'll give it a shot next week. I also called my pain management office and ask his nurse if he could give me some more promethazine ( for upset stomach) them Narco's rip up my stomach. I feel bloated and tender in my stomach . Its pretty painful to ?? Atleast it isn't as bad as my back / leg / feet pain today.

I can't believe just from sitting in a chair for 3 hours would leave me in so much pain.. How in the world am I going to ever work again ? This is why I appied for SSD even though I hated to do it , I had to.


PS. Roy where ya at buddy ?
I called my PM Dr. yesterday to get a script of Promethazine for upset stomach , these Narco's make my stomach hurt and upset. They called me back and told me I would have to wait until next wed. because the Dr. does not fill scripts over the phone ?? Its not a narcotic so whats the deal with this jerk ? I hate this guy but can't find another PM Dr. to take my care.

I'm treated poorly by all Dr.'s I must have I'm stupid posted on my forehead. :rolleyes: