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Hi ladies! I was just coming here to check this very issue out!

I have been on Armour (Hashis) for a while now & my Doc says my levels are good now, but I still feel like crap, so he just started me on Prometrium & ordered hormone tests. I sure hope it helps! From what I've been reading, it sounds good! Some women actually need less thyroid after they get their hormones balanced!
Thanks Kindspirit!

Thanks to this board, I found my wonderful Doc on the Armour website!

I'm 42 & I don't think I'm premenopausal yet, but I've got a Mirena IUD & I've been attributing my lack of periods to that, so who knows? The progesterone starts declining before pre-menopause I guess.

I just read that article you referenced & that was very interesting! It's quite likely my Hashis could have been caused by estrogen dominance! I was on the pill for many years & am overweight, so I'm a prime candidate. I don't have a lot of the PMS symptoms though & didn't have any trouble getting pregnant in my late 30s (I have a 2 and a 5 year old - ya stress may be a factor!).

Been on the prometrium for 6 days now & not really feeling any different. Any idea how long it should take?
Okay, I am an older girl at 55......... 10 years ago when my thyroid was failing and no Doctor would listen to me I read Dr Lee's books and went on the Progesterone cream, tried several types......My weight skyrocketed. It did not work for me.....I tried different types over the years, pump creams and bioidentical.........I read every book about it I could get my hands on. I developed migraines, weight gain, and heavy menses that continued the entire time I used it. I kept being told I was Premenopause . Well at 55 I am not in Menopause yet. I am late going in.

I also have a friend who gained weight while on it. She continued to take prometrium for 5 years.......she is off now and able to finally lose weight.

Now I will say I know one person who Loves her bioidenticals........so I would say it depends on you the individual....It is worth a try but not for everyone.

I am on Vivelle dot estrogen patch and love love love it. I am not afraid of the estrogen.. I sleep good and it makes my outlook better......O