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i hardly think it is the carbon monoxide- nothing against the people who suggested it- if it was carbon monoxide poisoning you would be getting the headache as well, and anyone who is in the house, it affects EVERONE, not just kids.
Now, you said that your kids sleep a LOT.
My neurologist told me that sleeping too much can trigger migrane-like headaches. I used to sleep 10 hours at night and take naps during the day with my toddler, and i couldn't figure out why on earth i have such bad headaches. The day i started to sleep less my headaches were less severe and less frequent. Also look into their diet. Are they eating enough fiber. Fiber is not only good for the gastrointestinal track but for the whole body. Dairy products also might contribute to headaches. If nothing else helps ask your doctor if Propranolol would be a good idea for your kids. I have suffered from severe headaches for 6 years and up until last month when my doctor prescribed Propanolol for me i havn't had such a bad headache since. Propanolol is normally prescribed for patients with high blood pressure, but recently they discovered that it also helps with migranes. I hope any info i have given will be helpfull, i know how it is to be throwing up and not being functional because of a headache..
good luck