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If anyone out there has had their back problem unresolved on workers comp. and ended up in a lawsuit...and then had to give a deposition is willing to chat, I would like to know some info. about the subject.

My husband has been injured and out of work for over a year with a low back injury. We hired an atty. many months ago and it is at the point now where he has had an IME which we haven't seen a report on yet but I was there for it and it seemed to more than support my husbands docs...

Our atty. said he smelled a settlement in the looming basically and instead of a settlement, the other side decided to depose our family doc, my husbands former treating doc, and my husband and then me.

Turns out, our atty. said because I am suddenly some sort of requested witness, I cannot go with my hubby to his deposition, but otherwise would have been allowed to. Upon ?s, our atty. said it is unusual for the other side to depose a wife.

I personally have nearly had a nervous breakdown with all of this. It has gone on too long for me, our marriage wasn't that good to start with (over 18 years now) and this has really torn us apart.

When my husband had his discogram, I was beside myself and begged him not to do it because of how painful and terrible I was reading it was. It was supposed to be something to determine how many levels the neurosurgeon was going to operate on and then it showed 2 torn and leaking discs and the biggest bulge wasn't concordant they said. The CT showed the same as the MRI...3 levels and then the doc says its too early to consider surgery (after just a month before saying it was the only option), that he wasn't in pain long enough and go through more pt...etc...

Well, 3 rounds of PT and work hardening and so many drugs it ruined his stomach and he is now on Protonix permanently...shots and doctor after doctor...I have had enough. They made us travel over 350 miles from home for the IME...

I am sick, sick to my stomach and tired of feeling scared. My husband won't talk to me and doesn't want to hear anymore about it from me. He was taking many narcotics and was so sick all of the time, he weaned himself off of them...all the docs ever do is prescribe more and more drugs...we can't have sex anymore (drug side effects as well as pain and stress), he is easily agitated and explodes at me any time I bring up this atty. stuff. I am on edge and don't want to continue this lawsuit. He won't give it up...it is too far I suppose to do that really. He is in pain all the time and I have been obsessed with that fact for too long.

I don't think we will be able to stay together and the only reason he is here now is because we have 5 kids...ages 5 - 17 years old and I am the only one working....fast food at that and it doesn't pay well. We live in a place that has no work opportunities out there and my husbands restrictions from his doc have been so strict and agreed upon by 3 other docs...he cannot get work in our town.

His workers comp. benifits were discontinued ages ago, in Jan. his unemployment is up. I make only 8.00$ an hour and I work constantly now.
I never see my kids or their sports or school functions anymore...I was a stay at home mom and took care of everything for 13 years till this happened...

I know I have rambled....I am sorry. I am desperate. I want to know about depositions...and I am considering refusing to give one.

Can anyone help...is there any advice out there?

Thank you!
Thank you both for answering...My problem is exactly what Betty described. According to my husbands atty. The other side has complete latitude in what they ask and he can raise no objections. I have told my husband for ages that I am done with the doc visits etc...The first place he went at the day of injury was an urgent care center...(I am a former LPN) and when he called me and told me how hurt he was, I insisted he go to the ER...not the Urgent Care. He didn't listen. That was a major mistake...The doc there never did anything for him...was rude and arrogant and gave him flexaril the first night with nothing for pain.

I was furious...they said he had a back strain. Bull****! He couldn't move and was numb down one leg all the way to his toes. He could hardly walk. They finally gave him vicodin a couple of days later when we called and got a diff. doc on the phone.
But of course that didn't help...for 3 weeks this went on...a visit a week, then the doc never would tell us anything and barely ask questions...you could literally tell he didn't even like us...on that 3rd visit he was actually rude, my husband still couldn't move hardly and was in ridiculous pain he just wrote a prescription for 4 wks of PT and handed it to us and said "see you in 4 wks" and walked out of the room. I was stymied.
I read the perscription not knowing yet it was for PT and was so mad I got the nurse and made her get the doc back in that room. I demanded to know why he wasn't doing anything more than this and why he wasn't ordering an MRI at least.

He literally said "I don't think there is anything wrong with your husbands back!" I was furious. I came home and called the WC people and they said you have to stick with the first doc you went to...but finally agreed to give us another doc after the conversation...but they picked it.

Since then, I have never trusted or been satisfied with any of the care my husband has received...3 rounds of therapy and only vicodin as his strongest med. They kept him on strong doses of anti-inflammatories that did nothing but give him terrible ulcers.
for over 9 months I kept telling the doc he already had plenty of stomach problems before and all they would do is change the med but not address the problem (finally we have Protonix, a stomach med and no more anti inflams. for life it seems). They gave him work hardening even though the PT guy couldn't even do stablization or mobilization of his back. The first Neuro we went to said the only hope was surgery...period...no other choice...but ordered a disco and emg first, knowing it was multi-level. I was furious after reading on the net how horrible discos were and beside my self with nearly a frenzy because I didn't want my husband to go through that and I read they were actually controversial anyway. But the test is a F-ing nightmare.
He did it anyway and I was an f-ing wreck about it. He couldn't walk hardly and the pain was intolerable for nearly a week...I still get horribly upset thinking about it. (I am so shocked that so many of you actually go through that more than once, how could you knowing after the first how terrible it is?)

The worst part is that it showed torn, leaking at 2 levels badly with level 10 concordant pain and the worst bulge wasn't "concordant pain" so they just discounted it even though my husband swears they were worng. And the neuro changed his tune immediately and said no surgery...suddenly he was not in pain long enough..."some people live like this for 10 years before they have surgery" IS HE F-ING NUTS????
And the kicker is...I went home and called the stupid wc chick and begged for permission to go to a doc of our choice for a second opinion and she said no but also informed us that the doc never in his notes said he suggested surgery ever in the first place...I got a copy of those asap and she was right...so back to only conservative care. Its been a night mare and my husband and I have fought through this whole thing. Now he hates me and I resent him so damn much I cannot put it into words.

Finally in the last couple of months the lawyer activity has pushed me over the edge.
They forced us to go over 350 miles from home for an IME...we could have refused and forced them to fly a doc up here we were told but our atty. said it was better to just comply...so against my vehement wishes...we went...

There are a few other hoops we have suddenly had to jump through but what is ridiculous is them trying to get me or him separated like this asking what ever they want. I think it is a trick to try to say he is a fake or lying about something...and our atty. said that at the actual trial I would end up being a segregated witness, meaning I cannot be in the courtroom during any of it except to testify myself...that is bull****!

The case started out at being worth over $380,000 for lifetime benifits. My husband will never work as a carpenter again. His salary used to be over $20 hr and now we have nothing. We are living in a single wide damn trailer with our 5 kids for Gods sake and we don't even have a bedroom. I work so damn much just trying to make ends meet I can't think straight and now my husband thinks I am a bitc* who just makes nothing but trouble with all of my protests about this and that.

He swears he is leaving when he gets whatever anyway and I cannot sleep or think straight. I do NOT want to give a deposition and I don't have any friends or relatives to turn to but I just want to get my kids and take this Fridays paycheck and go away with what we can fit in the car.

I am beside myself with anger and desperation. I have been married for nearly 20 years and he and I have never really had a good marriage this whole time...he has only been in it because of the kids when he has told me for years that is all he is here for...how can I take another minute of this...I don't know what to do...and I am screaming inside and falling apart...but I can't talk to my husband because he refuses to talk to me...