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crzycat: I took Relefen. Everyone reacts differently, but, it did eat up my stomach and I had to take a packet of Protonix to heal it. Within three days I was so sick I wanted to die. I had taken Advil, Celebrex, Vioxx, and Bextra in the past. None of these did to my stomach what Relefen did. It was horrid. I think that a lot of doctors are going back to the old meds because of the heart problems associated with the new meds and the reason that we got away from the old meds is the stomach problems they caused.

Neurontin made me way loopey but did not effect my husband in that way. It also made me very forgetful. I took it at night, all at once, so that I could sleep through the worst of the side effects. My husband took his in the morning and said that he had no effect, good or bad.

As for the pain, way out, it could be unrelated. It could be muscles, nerves, ligaments, or the illiac band. Could be SI joints. I would consult a PT and have them do a few diagnostic tests that they do by moving you and measuring your movements.

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