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Hi Peggy,
So your neurosurgeon thinks the same way as mine. I am sorry to hear about your colon cancer, and hope all is well now. I have to go for colonoscopy every 6months to a year, as I seem to keep growing the precancerous polyps. I am due to go in June of this year. I also tore my retina about the same time this back problem started. I kinda put my eye on the back burner, as the sciatica pain was much to much to sit in an eye doctor's office. They lasered the horseshoe tear, but now I can't see as well. I made an appointment 2 weeks from now. I'm hoping I will be able to sit in for the appointment by then.
I have been taking so much Advil that my stomach is burning - the aloe get capsules help for sure, but not enough. I take Protonix with the Advil, but it still doesn't help. So, I don't know what to do now. The Darvocet doesn't help at all. I don't know why they have to be so stingy with pain pills. I was on morphine a couple of times before my surgery. I was also taking a heavy dose of percocet daily. My surgeon then took me off of those and put me on Vicodin. They worked well, and at least allowed me to sleep.
I went to p.t. today to do my water exercise - and I really feel like I am making some progress :). MY p.t. told my pelvic tilt is getting better and my leg strength is improving. I can almost walk on my heels in the pool.

I don't know how others return to work after only 6weeks following a micro-d. They most be fortunate and not have complications. If it werent for the butt pain, leg weakness I guess I would be back to work on the 22nd as planned. We must realize that everyone heals differently. I hope you and I and everyone on this board finds the relief we so desperately seek. Keep in touch - it is always good to hear from you, especially since our surgical dates are close together. My daughter is expecting her first baby, and our first grandchild. My son is getting married in July. Oh my, if only there was some magic button to press and go on fast forward and all would be well. Alas, there is no button, only our will and prayers.
Take good care - Kay