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Hi to all,
Well, I went to the Ortho today. He examined my previous MRI before my Micro-D. He told me my spines looks Ok. He does not thinks there was a reherniation. Nor does he think there is a lower, or higher herniation. :) However, he said " there might be a disc fragment which was missed - but it was unlikely." So,he also said if I do not improve by the end of the week I should make an appointment to see him again next Monday - and he would do the spinal injection at the hospital. He did give me a script for the Medrol Pak. I took the Medrol Pak when I had the sciatica disc herniation and it did absoultely zilch. My family doc even gave me an injection of cortisone that day too along with the pack and still nothing. The only thing that helped somewhat was the trips to the E.R for Morphine and heavy doses of Percocet.
My daughter called me when I stopped to get a bite to eat on my way home from the doctor. I wanted to take the dose before I got home. She recently miscarried her first baby :( and still has issues. In my haste to help her I took all 6 pills at once! I had to hurry home and take my Protonix, as I also have stomach problems. Anyway I felt great almost all day. I could sit again - Wow was that a plus no more standing - yipee. However, the steroid's anti-inflammatory properties now seem to be waning a bit - but I still have hope. I have 5 more days till I'm done. I hope soooo very much that this will work. My herniation had two big ouchies. The rim literally shot out landed under - and laterally displaced the nerve root. The disc material also was on the root so it was very very comperessed.
I wondered if anyone has had success with the Medrol Pack? I really dislike taking steroids, as they are so very powerful, but, hey, if it works I'll take it. This Medrol Pak does mess with me - I get insomonia ( which I already have- and seems to play with your thinking) - but I still am going to try it again, as now my nerve is decompressed - I hope.

Pepper, I wish you my prayers, peace and healing as your surgery date approaches.
Peace and Health to All - Kay

Heres a quote which I found to be comforting to all who are ill - emotionally - physically whatever: " If you are going to care about the fall of the sparrow, you can't pick and choose who is the sparrow. It's everbody.":angel:
Hi folks,
Thanks for all your valuable input. Porter, I hope you feel better soon. I thought I might have permanent nerve damage, but now I don't think so, at least I hope not. Anyway regarding the Medrol Pak, I do feel so much better. The steriods make me feel like I'm wired! :blob_fire Wow, the energy they give you, and the pain has decreased dramatically. I only hope and pray that it stays away and never comes back. I am day 3. The steriods are not kind to my stomach, and I constantly take Tums and I have to take the Protonix. They also mess with your thinking. So I am glad I have reached the half way mark. I hope and pray I will be able to go back to work on the 26 of Feb. I have been off of work since Sept of 06.

So many miseries on this board, but so mcuh help and comfort. Seems like your writing to old friends at times. Hope and pray everyone is doing well, and if not at least finding comfort from the pain, and able to grab some good zzzz's at night.
God Bless Kay