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Hi Carol and Tammy,
Thanks for your input. Yeah, your right Carol, we are in the deep freeze. My hubby and I went to the Home and Flower Show at the IX center yesterday. What a treat, green grass flowers, all the good stuff of Spring. I was able to walk for about 7 hrs my greatest accomplishment since the Micro-d. I did take a pain pill and a Advil, but that was in late A.M. I wish I could just take Advils, but my stomach can't tolerate even the PPI ( Protonix ). The Advil actually helps the most.
I called my neuro surgeon's and now am awaiting their call back. I'll do whatever he suggests - I suppose. Like I said the thought of anyone toching my back makes me ill. My surgery created a big malay because of myself being primary on one policy ( which was a HMO ). I have since cancelled that insurance, and am using my husbands policy which is a very good one. I kept my policy because I was able to carry my daughter on it - even though she didn't take enough credits to qualify for a full time college student. The stuff we do for our kids. My nerve compression was a sequestered large piece under the nerve root in a lateral location and displaced it. The long delay in having surgery, compromised my nerve way too much - thus this situation.
I am not in pain management, although, maybe I should be. Carol, I was not aware of all your surgeries. Good Lord, you have been through the mills of back ills. What is your plan now? I will check around for you. I do know of some PM docs , as I have a friend who is an anesthesiologist, and has referred me - if need be to PM.

Tammy, the other person who started a new thread to thank you - was so correct. Judging from your replies, I would assume you are in the health care field, as you knowledge is extremely helpful. No, I don't plan to be a superhero - I don't want to lose my job either. Our jobs are held for 6 months, and I am approaching this marker. So, I will wait to see what my surgeon says. I think I already know the answer.
Take good care - stay warm - God Bless