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Well Billy Boy you need to take it easy until you get into your doctor and he checks everything out for you. You sure didn't need that!! Glad to hear that your doctor was happy with you on your pain medication but also glad you had a couple of pills to get you through the pain from the accident. Have they called you back yet with an appt. date?

Billy I have been very lucky with my other surgeries and nauseau (?) but that was because I always told them I got sick and they would give me that little patch behind my ear. I think what every this anesthesiologist used just wasn't good enough. I have been so sick today and my reflux has really been bad today also. Finally took a double dose of Protonix and it is letting up.

Emily I hope I didn't mess things up with having this surgery so soon but everyone seemed to think that this might help since I had been limping with my knee problems but boy has my back been hurting me today whenever I get up to walk---really bad spasms. My knee has now started hurting so I guess that morphine he said he would shoot in my knee is wearing off so now it is time to put some ice on it. I didn't get to sleep until 4:00 a.m. and woke back up at 5:30 a.m. when my hubby got up. I have been sleeping off and on today and my daughter came over to sit with me for awhile. I have a slight fever so that always makes me feel bad, too. As long as it doesn't get to 101 then everything should be okay. It has been a little over a 100 all day.

Well you both take care of yourself and hugs to both. Billy let us know what the doctor tells you. Okay??????

Linda (Moma Bear):angel: