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I am among many with cat allergies. Which has given me asthma.... Unfortunately, I feel I can't get rid of the cat - so I spend money on finding medication so I can keep my cat - sound crazy? The doc gave me Proventil for the "tough times", and I was taking it quite frequently along with Claritin for the sneezing. Flovent was given to me to cut down the frequency on the Proventil. The Flovent - I think - gave me laryngitis around Christmas time and I stopped using it. The doc also gave me Serevent. What I have been reading on this message board is something about thrush - no one ever told me I needed to rinse my mouth out after inhaling. Could this be the reason my mouth feels raw? Is this thrush? Because of the laryngitis the doc stopped the flovent and gave me samples of accolate. Has anyone felt any side effects from accolate? I have been having a tough time during the night. Has anyone tried any of the air cleaners? Sorry for the lengthy note - appreciate any comments - thanks!