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I'm a newbie here and I have a question that I'm wondering someone has either experienced or has an answer to. I'm really frightened about this, actually.

I have bronchial asthma. Take proventil for it when I need to. I also have very bad allergies, which even though I take claritin and zyrtec daily, I am *always* congested. The drainage from my sinuses when it's really bad triggers my asthma and hence, a bad coughing asthma attack.

Anyway -- I have problems breathing at night when I go to bed. I am aware of this, but sleep through the night most of the time. I have, on occasion (more often recently with the bad spring the east is having), woken up really congested and/or coughing from the drainage. Also, sometimes when this happens, I have noticed that my heart is pounding pretty hard and rapid.

Recently I spent the night with my new boyfriend and was told the next morning that he was concerned that I struggle to breathe in my sleep. He said that I sound as if I'm being suffocated and/or being strangled - that I don't snore but struggle for air through both my mouth and my nose and have problems getting air. He said it's kind of frightening to listen to and to watch me breathe. He said he woke me a few times and I seemed to breathe easier when I fell back to sleep (although I have no recollection of being woken up) - but something happened and he decided not to wake me up while I was struggling. He said I was sleeping on my back and he laid his hand on my chest to wake me up and felt my heart pounding hard and beating really fast. He said he was afraid to wake me because he would startle me, so he left me alone, but was frightened at how I was struggling to breathe and how fast and hard my heart was beating. He said he felt my heart and my breathing for some time and was concerned about what he was witnessing and feeling. He was really worried about me the next day and was amazed I didn't feel sick or anything.

Has anyone else experienced this in their sleep? Does anyone know why this is happening or has heard of it happening to someone? I have an appointment to see my doctor next week, but I'm concerned now about how long I've been breathing like this at night, not realizing it and how it's affecting my heart. (I have a benign heart murmur also that I've had since childhood.)

Thanks everyone ... I'd appreciate any and all advice.