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Hi there. I have been to doctors almost every other yr. regarding breathing problems. They always say it's asthma. I finally accepted this, I think.....what I am doing now is, when I lay down to sleep, it feels like someone is sitting on my chest-when I do inhale, it's as if my chest/lungs will not expand. This seems to start at night but worsens when I go to bed. I too have been given different inhalers, but like "LouAnn" said, they all give me the shakes-I've tried: proventil, ventolin, azmacort, etc. What I am wondering, does this sound like asthma(to all u familiar with it) and advice on medications. Thank you.
I have had Asthma for 25 years...I have taken virtually everything out there. And have gone into respiratory arrest once. The fairly new pill Singulair has been a godsend! 1 pill once a day. No shakes, no rapid hearbeat, no sleeplessness ( all associated with other pill form asthma drugs ie: theodur, theophylline). I also take Servent inhaler 2 puffs twice a day-long acting alburterol-minimal to no shaking.)And Pulmicort-steriod similair to asthmacort, but in my opinion works better. With these drugs I next to never use my "rescue" inhaler (albuterol/proventil).
Also as posted above, sleeping propped up with extra pillows helps alot at night.
Hope this helps give you ideas to explore with your MD.