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My 7y old dd Skylar has had breathing problems since age 1y.She been dx with Mod-severe asthma and CF.She had her first dose of IVIG at the beginning of the week for an IgG2 defiency.Heres my ??

She woke up yesterday,her peakflows had dropped some so I added xopenex in with her neb treatments.When I listened to her there was slight wheezing.She coughed a little off and on through the day.No fever or anything that would signal CF probs and her lungs didn't sound like they do when its her CF.Her cheeks have been slightly red and her peakflows have bounced between green and yellow zones.Yesterday she xopenex morning and night with proventil inbetween.Does this sound like an asthma flare?Usually her peakflows drop more(the lowest they got was high yellow zone) and she hasn't acted sick like she normally does.She doesn't like the nebulizer much and who could blame her she gets so many meds through it.My problem is we're a couple of hours away from home(my youngest is in the PICU in a childrens hospital a little ways from our home)Our ped and skyes ped pulmo are back home.So if I thought she was worse I would get hubby to take her home to stay with relatives.Shes on:

For asthma:Foradil,flovent 220,xopenex or proventil MDI.For allergies:Allegra and flonase.For CF:Mucomyst and an inhaled antibiotic.For reflux:zantac.

I know stress can make asthma worse and I thought her sister being sick was maybe making her worry or something.

Oh and hubbys been staying in the motel room with her

Anyway cassidy

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