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Hi, new to board and so far its a good one. I have lots of allergies, asthma and copd. Im having a terrible summer. Havent had one like this since 1991. Seems its either too hot and dry and dirt is hangin in the air with molds etc. or rains and gets too humid. Anyway, Ive tried numerous inhalers and have landed on Proventil HFA. I couldnt take the ones with the cfc's in them. Does anyone else have this problem. Im sick of being sick and real tired of not being able to take a full breath. I need more than just a rescue inhaler, and am unable to use servent flovent pulmocort azmacort etc to reduce attacks..Have appt. at allergist on 8/20. Thanks for all input,,,wnesbett
Pulmicort Respules would be an option,they go in the nebulizer,so no propellants or anything.Intal also comes as a solution for the nebulizer.

Qvar is another one,its CFC free but is still an MDI.Qvar is an inhaled steroid that uses HFA(same propellant Proventil HFA uses) as a propellant.Since you can use Proventil HFA,Qvar would probably be a good option.