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My asthma gets way worse when I am pregnant. In fact when I am not pregnant I need an inhaler maybe twice a year if I am sick or something. I don't really even consider myself to have asthma most times, I forget about it. I have to be extremely careful when I am pregnant. I have had 3 children each time it has gotten progressively worse. With my first I was hospitalized with what we assumed was pneumonia unable to breath and unable to maintain oxygen in my blood so I was in the hospital for like 6 days on oxygen and meds. That time I used proventil and flovent I believe. With my second at the end of my pregnancy I ended up in the hosp[ital again same symptoms only more severe and took the same meds along with albuterol. This last time I almost died, they didn't know what the hell was wrong with me, again thought maybe pneumonia although cultures grew nothing and no meds would work, this time I was in ICU for 2 weeks and my lungs even filled up with fluid on about the 5th day. I could not breathe to save my life and literally had to stay awake and try to breathe on a 100% rebreather mask or I would have died. I was so close to being put on a ventilator. It was the scariest experience. That time I was on pulmocort and
a pill(can't remember the name) and a zillion nebulizers in the hospital I was also sent home with nebulizer that time. My pulmonologist after reviewing the records from all pregnancies has determined each time it was severe asthma and not pneumonia. After viewing my chest x-rays from this last time he openly told me he has rarely seen a chest x-ray that impressive where the person actually walked out of the hospital. As I said I usually don't even acknowledge that I have asthma because it has never been a problem plus it is adult onset but after those experiences I realize how serious this disease can be. Be very careful while pregnant I know from what my Dr's said it is common for asthma to get worse while pregnant and it is nothing to mess with! Good Luck to you and keep that inhaler handy. Also see your pulmonologist before it gets worse so you have a plan and some preventative meds!