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Could be an infection, I know someone'll mention anxiety (whether on this board or your doctor mentions it is irrelevant) so I may as well be the first, Albuterol can sometimes make anxiety worse.

Oh, and another thing, if you're using the CFC albuterol spray, approximately 8% of the population will develop refractory bronchoconstriction when treated with CFC inhalers, so if you're not using albuterol by neb already (which is expensive as all holyhell) ask your pharmacy about getting a hold of some Proventil HFA, a cfc-free albuterol nihaler.
I wonder if anxiety could really make that much of a difference?I went back to the dr. and he gave me cfc free proventil.I havn't checked my generic albuterol for cfc.They are old also.I have to stock pile meds so I dont' always have a choice.I did have an infection.The doc gave me augmentin but as soon as I stopped the prednisone , I started having trouble again.It seemed to work for a week.I felt good anyway.He said I still have the infection.He gave me more antibiotics to take if it flares up again.I'm on my last day of a new course of prednisone , but I don't want to stop taking it for fear of getting bad again.WHen it gets bad it's as if no medicine will help.Getting nervous or anxious makes ut even worse.