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First I want to express my condolescences on the loss of your sister. Sounds like she might have had congestive heart failure, but sometimes that is overlooked in women particularly older women.

I'm not doctor obviously, but have been treated for asthma for over a decade and can say it does seem a bit peculiar to give 3 inhalors all designed for same purpose. All those you mentioned are considered maintenance inhalors, designed to reduce inflammation in lungs and taken on daily basis. Ventolin, Proventil, or albuterol sulfate for use in a nebulizer are the only inhalants I have ever heard of used for actual asthma attacks. The maintenance inhalors take awhile to take effect. When you first start taking it sometimes it is 1-2 weeks to see any noticable difference in symptoms, so no these are not fast acting. I don't like Advair. I was having problems with my adrenal glands and getting constant yeast infections while using it. It is a steroid drug, thus has prone to causing all the nasty side effects like any other steroid.