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Hi Hedy,

I don't mind your questions one bit. Can't learn about someone else without them and I've always believed, the only dumb question is the one that remains unasked, so anything you want to ask about is fine with me. If I'd rather not answer, then I'll let you know. :)

I live in Ohio. Have for most of my 38 years except when I was a teenager, I lived in a small resort town just outside of Ft. Myers Florida then. I like it here. Winter was kind of cold this year and we had quite a bit of snow, but not as much as I was expecting. The worst time is when it's cold and rainy. Makes me ache something awful, but I deal with it best I can. I spend a lot of time in the bathtub in the hottest water I can stand when I get like that.

Sounds like your doc is a bit conservative with the pain meds. My new pcp doesn't do my pain meds at all, the pm I go to does that. He had decided not to and had left it up to my former pcp but he wouldn't prescribe because he said it was up to the pm to do that, so after a few weeks going back and forth, the pm took over on the pain meds. He was in complete disagreement with how my case had been handled from the time I reaggreviated my back in Sept of '02. My pcp had sent me to a ns in Columbus (are we allowed to name cities near where we live?) who suggested I go into a pain clinic with emphasis on withdrawal from pain meds as he thought I'm just a drug seeker. His opinion on pain meds is if you don't have cancer, you don't need them. Period! He manages everything with otc tylenol. I just got my med records from my former pcp and was shocked to see he'd put in there that I'd asked for perc's! I never mentioned them once in the 8 years he'd taken care of me. I'm still not quite sure how to react to that. I called to talk to one of the nurses, but she never returned my call, but I did tell my attorney about it today when I dropped some paperwork off. I'm in the process of trying to get SSDI and now I think I know why they keep turning it down, they just think I'm a junkie or something. Neither of them ever thought to do a work assessment to find out what I can and can't do. This new doc I'm going to, that's the first thing she said we should do, so she can get with my pm doc and determine the best course of action for me. I really like her for that! She called him (the pm) while I was still there in the office and introduced herself to him and said she would like to work with him on this so we could get me as comfortable as I can and still function a bit. I think it's going to be a great team now! They are also working on getting me into a local support group and one-on-one counciling so I can learn to deal with the anger I've been feeling lately. Seems if I'm not angry about something, I'm depressed about it. She is a bit leery of adding an anti-depressant at this time since she thinks with the proper support, I'd do fine without them. I currently take methadone and use lidoderm patches for pain, ambien to help sleep (although I still wake up after 3 hrs), singulair and proventil for allergies/ashtma and that's it for now. I had been on vicodin, skelaxin, and bextra, but the former doc took me off all that (cept the bextra, had a reaction to it) on the advice of that ns I saw. I'm still a bit steamed that he said all he did after a 3 minute exam. I tried other meds off and on since '99 but have a problem with the nsaid's for some reason (makes me vomit blood or swell so bad I think I'm going to burst). Was on Neurontin for several months but can't remember most of that time now. Have had a couple seizures since being taken off so I'm a bit scared to go back on it now even though the pcp suggested it. She said she'd let me think about it for awhile but she might recommend it again later. I had been on 2700 mgs a day. They aren't sure what caused the seizures I had, but think it might have had something to do with stress so she said she might do a head ct later after we get this female situation taken care of. I did make it to my appointment today, but won't have the results until Monday. They'll call then to let me know what the results are and also have my appt scheduled with my gyn so I don't even have to call myself to make that appt like the other doc would have made me do. Her office is handling everything. Did get a bit of good news....all my bloodwork came back looking good. She just did a glucose, triglicerids (sp), and cholosteral (sp) check. They said all my numbers were real good. Sugar was 90, tri was 158 and chol was 131. :0)

My hubby was flabberghasted that the former pcp came in the exam room one time, looked at me and told me I was fat and had to do something about it and walked out. He wanted to hit him and all I could do was cry. That is what finally made me change doctors. I was tired of being treated that way. He never said anything about the weight I'd lost or noticed that I was trying to avoid the pain meds if I could. I'd gladly trade in any pain med for just a week of relief! My biggest goal right now is to be able to go to my daughter's graduation at the end of May and being a proud parent. Right now, I'm scared of the thought of going. I don't want to be in that crowd nor do I want to make a fool of myself by doing my jack-in-the-box routine. Up 10 minutes, sit 10 minutes, pace 10 minutes, then restart. I was made to feel good at one soccer game when my daughter was still playing...the other moms knew I was having some problems, so every time I stood up, so did they, when I paced, so did they. We had to have looked like a clutch of chickens to the other team parents watching us across the field. The coach even go into with us by the end of the season. If I hadn't hurt so bad, I probably would have laughed my hiney off! If I had hooked my arms under like chicken wings, they probably would have done that too! lol That was their way of supporting me which was really nice. I miss them sometimes now that soccer's over. I might try to go to a game next season just to see the ones who still have kids on the team. I missed the entire football season this year though. Football is much more popular than soccer is and the crowd is way too much. I even tried to watch a game from the car last season, but finally gave up and came on home. Good thing my daughter drove that night.

I don't know how you get through work each day. Wish there was something I could do to help you besides offer my prayers and friendship. I really admire the fact that you aren't giving up although I know you probably have days when you want to. Does your ex help at all, even if it's just taking the kids for awhile so you can pamper yourself or get some rest? I have a real problem with ex's that just disappear and could really get into that, but I won't right now. :)

I hope I was able to answer your questions and provide a bit more info.

Take care Hedy! If there is something I can help you with, let me know and I'll try.