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I was dx as a child (not that young) with asthma. I remeber havign to take pills and back then it was called Proventil inhaler. For my coughing episodes my mom would put me in the tube with warm water. I also had a humidifier in my bedroom. I eventually outgrew (went dormant) it when I turned 22-23yr old. I am 31 and was dx as having asthma again last week. I have that attention grabbing cough. I am taking singular and vospire and I have an inhaler (albuterol). I also went through the ear tubes numerous times growing up. I was 8 months when I had my first set put in.

I have a 4 yr old daughter that suffers from eczema and allergies already. She is taking Zyrtec and has that Flonase spray which she hates. My 3 yr old is going through the same thing also. However the drs are more concerned with my 4 yr old. They think she will develop asthma eventually. I am just sitting here waiting to see what happens. I am scared for her and frustrated because not only do I have to deal with it myself but I remember my mom's fears when I had it as a child. I was hospitalized once because I coudln't breathe and my lips had already turned blue. I was scared so I could imagine how terrified she was. My daughter doesn't have a constant cough as I do but she gets one every now and then. It just doesn't last that long. It is just a sign that it is coming. I stick her in the tub to help her and when she is sick the only thing that helps her sleep is rubbing vicks on her chest and her feet then covering them with socks. Don't ask about the feet...I was told to do it by some old lady and it works.

Right now I am having to get allergy shots 3x a week and my 4 yr old is going to be next to get her allergy tests soon. I know they are going to want her to get shots and that is going to be hard to explain that to her but in the long run they say that will help her as she gets older if she ends up with asthma and severe allergies. (she has the black eyes too). I feel bad for her because she looks like she has had no sleep at all and is living a rough life and she is only 4. My dr said that the sooner you are treated properly the better off you will be ilater in life. I didn't have a very good dr as a child. I came from a small town and there was only one dr there and the community wasn't prosperous so everything was limited as to the quality of service of medical care.

Have you talked to an allergist about your son's problems? Talk to one that specializes in asthma and allergies. I know down here we have an Allergy and Asthma Clinic and the drs have high credentials. They have written their own books on allergies and asthma. IF we didn't have them here I would drive to the next biggest city (I don't care how far) to get the best treatment I can find for me and my family. I hope you are able to find good help for your son. take care.