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Sorry been away for a few days. I did have to take my son in Friday (Thurs night was even worse than wed night). And the doc said both sides were wheezing and one side had crackling on it. So there was some bronchitis going on - round of Zithromax. Friday night (after the first 2 doses) was better and then by Sat night - we all got to slept thru the night - hallelujah!
Now my daughter has it I think. Last night was pretty bad for her. Got an appt for her this afternoon. I swear they seem to pass things back and forth no matter how much of that liquid sterilizing lotion I use!!!!
Find out the name of you inhalers and then maybe someone will be able to give you advice. If I remember - orange is the proventil (albuterol is it's generic form). Not sure on the blue one. But if you have to use the "rescue" inhaler on top of the daily inhaler more than 3 days - my ped pulm wants us to call them.