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Hi, Sorry I can not answer your questions as to why your mom is having periods of shortness of breath. I think only a doctor can figure that out as there are so many causes for it including anxiety. Do you know what test the doctor said was 98%, if it was the oxygen saturation from a pulse oximeter ? Or was it a vital capacity? Did he actually do tests where he had her blow into a machine or just put a probe on her finger? Does your mom have and reactive, obstructive airway disease such as asthma or COPD? Was she a smoker as if she was she probably has some degree of COPD. I am wondering because they can cause shortness of breath with activity. She is taking inhalers for the above diseases. Make sure she only uses the spiriva once a day and the advair twice aday about 12 hrs apart. One puff twice a day is the max dose for the advair ! Does she have a rescue inhaler such as combivent, or albuterol (also called proventil) or the new form of albuterol called Xopenex? Those are the ones that give instant relief .Advair and spiriva should never be used as a rescue inhaler as one is a 12 hr drug the other a 24 hr drug so they will not give instant relief and can be dangerous if used more then they were intended to be used. All these drugs help if it is a reversable airway condition and in the case of the advair the steroid in it helps prevent inflammation in the airway. Is you mom going to the doctors alone? If so could you or someone go with her as I can tell you what my mom hears the doctor say and what I hear him saying are two different things.When she E-mails my sisters with what the doctor siad they always E-mail me and say "what did he really say?" People tend to hear what they want too or quite listening when there is something they did not want to hear. Two sets of ears are better then one. Someone needs to be your mom's advocate in terms to her medical care as it is too much for her alone to handle. Find out the answers to some of the questions I have asked you and maybe you will have a better understanding of what is going on. I know it is tough but hang in there as being there for your mom is important for both of you. I will keep you both in my prayers. :wave: JanMarie