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HOWITT...Thanks for your reply. I didn't know you could get emphy. from a parent. I get so tired of huffing and puffing my way around. I know there are others far worse and I shouldn't complain!...Its just I don't have a clue what is doing it. One day this past week I had to use both inhalers (proventil & asthmacort )every 30 mins. I know I should not do this (Dr. was not happy about it)...but I wanted to breathe and didn't have a choice. At times I do have attacks usually when I am laughing I guess this sounds strange but, it happens. When I was taking the allergy shots at age 10 they had to be stopped , I was so allergic to them they could not build the dose up.
After 2 years they called it quits. My mom blames herself for everything I have because she was given a morning sickness medicine while carrying me (Thelidomide?)...or something like that. It caused all kinds of birth defects but I have never heard of it causing lung problems. From what I have read about it, I consider my self blessed even if it was caused by the medicine.I hope you get answers too...GOD BLESS :angel: