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Hi, Background bad allergies all my life, especially nasal.
I have been on zyrtec and rhinocort for the past 5 years and except for an occasionaly medrol pack to get things in control I have been doing pretty good. I am allergic to all pollens molds, etc., etc.,..Allergy shots do not work for me. But back on the subject, three weeks ago, I started with such head congestion and post nasal drip and coughing...just so tired and achy, my doctor put me on a medrol pack 6days, still zyrtec, and rhinocort. Did not improve like I normally do, got off the medrol pack, still sick, but now coughing up little yellow balls along with clogged ears and just a very fatigue person. The doctor put me on Keflex 500 mg 3x a day along with singulair, so now I am taking zyrtec, singulair, rhinocort, keflex, and had the medrol, it is now three weeks of this, I have had to work everyday, but I come home and collapse, I am on my 8th day of anitbiotics, I still have clogged ears, and alot of congestion....What else is there.....????any one have any suggestions??? I am not longer coughing up yellow, it is back to the lovely post nasal drainage.
This has been the sickest I have been in years. I have also started the Proventil tooo.........HELP:confused: