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There are several HFA Albuterol inhalers on the market. Because of the change to HFA from CFC's there aren't any generic versions on the market. ProAir is the "generic" replacement, but as I'm sure you noticed the price is much more than your old generic was. Proventil and Ventolin are both available as an HFA. The VentolinHFA comes with a counter (which is handy) but you must use it within 2 months of removing it from the sealed pouch it comes in (major drawback.) And as a lot of people don't use them up that fast it gets costly for no reason. For me I asked for ProventilHFA because it is cheaper with my insurance that the VentolinHFA one.

A lot of people have complained about the length of usefulness that they are getting from the ProAir inhaler. I can't vouch for that as I have never used it. I asked for ProventilHFA when I had to make the switch to an HFA inhaler from a generic albuterol inhaler.

I do get a serious gag me taste with my ProventilHFA inhaler. But I used to get one from my old generic inhaler too, when I first started to use it.

If you have to (or want to) make a switch you might try Xopenex® (levalbuterol HCl) It's a new version of albuterol that doesn't have some of the side effects of albuterol (shakeyness, heart racing, etc.)

If it costs the same as the others now that there isn't a generic on the market, why not talk to your doctor about switching.

hope that helps,