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I used to have severe asthma. I was on prednisone, azmacort, proventil, etc. I had my own nebulizer and was hospitalized on a regular basis for severe, life-threatening attacks. My lungs collasped twice. Extreme cold and hot weather and exercise brought on a severe attack. I tried every new med that came out on the market and was so desperate I was thinking about taking experimental asthma drugs. I was given an extensive allergy test. All they came up with was that I had allegies to pet dander, dust mites, and pollen.

Today, I am asthma free! I haven't had an attack in years. I run three a day five days a week without a problem. I no longer take any asthma medication. Extreme hot or cold weather don't bother me at all. This is how I did it. I eliminated all dairy and soy from my diet. No cow's milk, no soy milk, no ice cream, no yougurt, no cheese, cottage cheese, etc and absolutely no MSG (Accent). I started eating more leafy greens and plenty of fruit, started drinking black tea Pomegranite juice and began walking. Black tea and pomegranite juice all full of antioxitants and do wonders for the lungs!

If you have severe asthma and are at your wits end, I beg you to try this. What do you have to lose. How something so simple got past the many doctors and breathing experts I saw over the years is beyond me. Also, to get your daily recommended calcium, it is important to eat other foods rich in calcium and not rely on supplements. Eating a milk chocolate bar or somehting like that is not a problem. The small amount of milk in such things is negligible. Rice milk is a great alternative to cow or soy milk. You can also cook with it. Good luck!